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Handmade spider sculpture with a rose made of air clay.

I hate spider, but your sculpture is so gorgeous!! Amazing creation. Thanx..

Video tutorial how to sculpt phoeniх bird by air clay.

Great Tutorial! Very detailed, clear video for bird making. Incredible amount of instructions and information to follow! I think I can make any bird now! Thank you for sharing..

Handmade Wolf statue - fantasy One-of-a-kind figurine

I almost never write comments but this guy is even more detailed and amazing in person! I love this wolf so much! Words cannot describe how in love I am with this piece and this artist. ..

Angelica Pearson
Handmade Phoenix Statue fire bird made of air clay

This beautiful one finally arrived safe and sound! I'm amazed by the quality of work and the care that went into this piece! Definitely not my last piece..

Michelle Evans
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