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Sculpting a scorpion with roses

This is video the process of creating a scorpion with roses. Fantasy creature by air clay. You can make such a model using any clay. It coul..

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How to make a spider with rose

This is video tutorial how to make a spider with rose. DIY fantasy creature tutorial by handmade with cold porcelain. You can make such a sp..

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How to make realistic Rose

This is video tutorial how to make realistic Rose by handmade with cold porcelain. You can make such a rose using any clay. It could be poly..

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My creatures

These video of my 11 handmade fantasy creatures, the most beautifu animalsl I’ve ever done. I am self-taught without any artistic educ..

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Product reviews & ratings
Video tutorial how to sculpt phoeniх bird by air clay.

Wow, this video tutorial was amazing! So clear and easy to follow!! I printed the sketch at x2 size and made each feather a bit more imperfect and to my own dimensions - I love the chaos!) Also used wire not like in the lesson, but what I found at home, my imagination went wild! This tutorial is a great founda..

Handmade White stag statue, handmade One-of-a-kind

When I contacted you with my idea for a few changes, I really didn’t expect you to say yes. But you did! And you made her even more beautiful than anything I could’ve imagined!! This art piece is absolutely jaw dropping!..

Handmade spider sculpture with a rose made of air clay.

My spider with the black rose and individual red coloring just perfect!!!! Thank you Roman..

Sabina Chohan
Handmade Phoenix Statue fire bird made of air clay. Black and gold

It's just perfect! Thank you)..

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