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Handmade Turtle statue with lotus and and fishes

$4 345.00
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$4 345.00

This Turtle statue with lotus and and fishes made of air clay is one of a kind sculpture (OOAK fantasy).

Please pay attention:
this sculpture at the Haven Gallary exhibition, to purchase visit the gallery at link here... 

"Journey to harmony" 

I have a fondness for turtles, they always wear a wise and contemplative expression. Lotus blossoms hold a special place in my heart, especially at sunset, when they bask in the gentle glow of the sun's last rays. Beneath the water's surface, the graceful silhouettes of fish dance, and it strikes me how the beauty of life hinges on the peaceful coexistence of contrasts. Everything in the world, it seems, is connected and finds harmony.

In this sculpture, everyone may find their own unique interpretation. For me, it memories of beautiful sunsets by the river.

  • All the pieces, every detail sculpted by hand.


  • all the pieces, every detail sculpted by hand
  • this is my art and the entire imagination is my own creation
  • painting with acrylic, pastels and oil paints
  • All elements are handmade.

  • I use different types of clay, depending on the details and ideas.
  • Floristic clay - does not require firing, hardens in air, after drying it becomes plastic, flexible and light. 
  • Air clay is almost the same properties after drying as a floristic clay. But much lighter, less plastic and has a velvet surface.
  • Both types of clay are not toxic and very popular among many famous artists for creating sculptures, jewelry and decorative items. Also used for children's creativity. 
  • Each sculpture use metal wire frame, which makes it  durable for transport.


  • Height : 8"
  • Length: 7"


  • shipping worldwide
  • Delivery between 14-35 business days (depends on mail upload)  
  • Return and exchange policy here...


  • My YouTube channel presents free tutorials and reviews on some of my products - link 


This sculpture is made to last a long time. Keep it at a stable temperature and humidity level. Don't put it in direct sunlight or hot, dry places. It's best to use a glass case or curio cabinet to protect and display it. Do not wash figures in water, I recommend using a dry or slightly damp squirrel brush or wrung sponge.

Please feel free to ask any question (my official social media links accounts):

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