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Scorpin with white rose. Handmade fantasy sculpture made of air clay. OOAK 

$5 800.00
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$5 800.00

Scorpin with white rose. Handmade fantasy sculpture made of air clay.  

  • This unique designed piece is a true one of a kind.

    The black and red finish of the scorpion lends it a majestic quality, and yet, there is a subtle grace to the sculpture, a fluidity to its movements that belies its fierce nature.

    To soften the deadliness of the scorpion, a trail of delicate white roses winds its way around its body. Their pristine soft petals and subtle fragrance a stark contrast to the dark and brooding presence of the creature, adding a touch of fragility and grace.  The sculpture's unique combination of strength and beauty creates a sense of balance and harmony, offering a visual representation of the duality that exists within all things. Together, the black scorpion and white roses blend together in a dance of contrasts and contradictions, breathing life into the sculpture.

    A symbol of the complexity and depth that exists within us all.

  • All the pieces, every detail sculpted by hand.


  • I use different types of clay, depending on the details and ideas.
  • Floristic clay - does not require firing, hardens in air, after drying it becomes plastic, flexible and light. 
  • Air clay is almost the same properties after drying as a floristic clay. But much lighter, less plastic and has a velvet surface.
  • Both types of clay are not toxic and very popular among many famous artists for creating sculptures, jewelry and decorative items, also used for children's creativity. 
  • Each sculpture use metal wire frame, which makes it  durable for transport.


  • height: 11.5 Inch


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  • Delivery between 14-35 business days (depends on mail upload)  
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  •  My YouTube channel presents free tutorials and reviews on some of my products - link 



This sculpture is made to last a long time. Keep it at a stable temperature and humidity level. Don't put it in direct sunlight or hot, dry places. It's best to use a glass case or curio cabinet to protect and display it. Do not wash figures in water, I recommend using a dry or slightly damp squirrel brush or wrung sponge.

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